John James has lived most of his life in the Eastern Valley having been raised in
Pontypool and is now living in Cwmbran, with his wife Angela.
John used to attend his local Methodist church but felt that the church was not
providing the answers to some of the questions John asked. Having been in a house
fire as a child, several motorbike accidents and a car crash saw John asking why he
survived when some of his friends had died in similar accidents. After finding
spirituality through local medium, George Smith, John believed that he had at last
discovered what he was looking for and is now involved in the spiritual movement.

John considers himself a spiritual medium/healer and spirit release practitioner but
believes that everyone has the ability if they wish to develop their spiritual side. John
still believes that you never stop learning and improving and has spent many years
developing, but still considers himself a learner. Having learnt a lot from attending a
spiritual circle under his then mentor Helen, John then continued his development by
attending workshops with some of the best in the movement.

John now works alongside Linda Lewis serving churches locally and further afield.
John believes that everyone can follow their spiritual pathway and that it is a private
John is learning alternative therapies to help him on his healing path, as well as
attending workshops to help with his spiritual development.
Linda Lewis
John James

Linda’s story......
As a child I knew that I was different but accepted it. I would see people that nobody
else could see,I always saw one lady in particular, a very pleasant grey haired lady with
such a lovely smile,it wasn’t till a few years later that I realised it was my fathers
mother who had passed when I was six months old. As the years went by I continued
to see and hear many people and voices,but It wasn’t until my father passed that I
decided to visit the spiritual church where I was given my first message. A few years
later my cousins son passed and he contacted me and told me things I couldn’t know.
By this time I was really beginning to wonder for years about things going on around
me, I knew that I had a red Indian guide with me but when he came to me one night
and told me that I would find my mother at her home  and that she had passed, I knew
when I found her that I then felt the need to share my gift to help others. I thank my
four spirit guides every day for allowing me to work with them so that we may help
many people,to give them the proof that their loved ones are forever close. I am very
lucky to have a  very loving family, my husband Ken, my two sons Robert and Daniel
and my daughter Amy  who support me on my spiritual pathway ,I know as the years
take me further down my pathway I am learning all the time and I hope I can help with
the love of my guides by my side that I can try and help heal many hearts,.to let people
know that their loved ones are no more than a whisper away.
I have a very close team by my side, people who I know believe in me, John who has
supported me and I feel very privileged to have his love and support  and to have him
by my side , I feel spirit brought us  together to work and I know that he will always
be by my side, we are a team . Dawn ,Jane, Marion and Angie are always their to
support and I thank them,
I know as I follow my spiritual pathway that as long as I can bring loved ones back
and give their families love and let them know they are there and continue to see the
smiles that say we have made contact , I will continue to work with spirit and thank
spirit everyday for the privilege.
About Us
Love and Light
Linda Lewis was born on 19th March
1951 and lived in Malpas, Newport with
her parents Bob and Elsie Travers as well
as her sister Jean. Linda Still lives in